Victoria line

The Victoria line was built in the mid 20th century and runs from Walthamstow Central in the north of London to Brixton in the south.

This BVE version will eventually run in both directions and cover the entire line, however for now the latest release consists of the entire southbound run from Walthamstow Central to Brixton.

In time as development continues, the route will include ATO operation, trips to depots and sidings, a new rail and tunnel object set and the northbound return journey.

This route includes the following features:

  • The full route from Walthamstow Central to Brixton
  • Randomized platform allocation at Brixton
  • Randomised siding use at Brixton
  • Photorealisatic textures like on the Central and Jubilee lines.
  • Adverts at stations are picked at random from over 40 different posters*
  • Re-engineered station shape to be true to the Victoria line design*

*Only on new stations where applicable (currently Stockwell and Brixton)

Brixton-Xover-1 Brixton-Xover-2 NPD-drag NPD-Xover-1 Untitled  Brixton-1 Brixton-2 Brixton-sidings brixton-sidings-2