Victoria line is available

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Victoria line is now available from this website. This is my first route release for over 5 years and a lot has changed since I was last working on routes.

There are new stations built at Stockwell and Brixton. Brixton features both platforms, and you don’t know what one you will be routed into until you see the signal before the crossover. Upon arrival at Brixton you will either terminate, or take your train into the sidings. This, like the platform allocation, is totally random.


In time, I plan on remaking the entire line to the standard of Stockwell and Brixton, but for now I decided it was more important to have the entire line available for download.

The 1967 stock is also now available, this features manually activated DVA broadcasts like the 1996 stock.

Future updates will include ATO, new track and tunnels, rebuilt stations and more. As work progresses further news updates will be posted on the news page.


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