Ongar branch

The Ongar branch was opened in 1865 by the Eastern Counties Railway and was taken over and operated by the Central Line from 1947. Due to decline in passengers over the years, the line was closed on the 30th September 1994. This rusty rural branch line is single tracked all the way and runs through the heart of the Essex countryside. Using Driver eye view videos, aerial mapping and other resources, Kelvin Liu has faithfully and accurately recreated the full six miles of the line for BVE, as it was in its final LU era (circa 1992-1994).

The route is written by Kelvin Liu.


This route consists of the following features:

  • Five diagrams- all set in the summer and during peak hours. Clear, Rainy and Stormy runs included.
  • Accurate scenery with many purpose built objects.
  • Traction motor cutout at power rail gaps.
  • Photorealistic rails, objects, sky and clouds.
  • Realistic countryside ambience and sound effects.

Oh, and please read the PDF document called “Line info. and Driver’s guide” found in the route folder before driving.

This route has had objects updated and version 1.1 is fully compatible with OpenBVE.