Jubilee line news

Once again it is some time since the last update.

Work has been progressing on things in my spare time, mainly the Jubilee line and the 1967 Tube Stock train.

The 1967 Stock is having the 3D cab overhauled with higher resolution images, bug fixes, and graphical improvements and additions as it is many years since it was first made.

The Jubilee line has had much work done to the back end code. How much of this will be used now is not certain, however it will make collaboration and updating much easier in the future, I hope eventually this will lead to the whole line being available.

Swiss Cottage and St Johns Wood are seeing good progress made. I do not currently want to make any statement about the length of the route that will be available in the next update but it will at minimum be Swiss Cottage to Charing Cross / Bermondsey (I hope to have more available, but like I said, I don’t want to make any promises).

Some pictures are below. Unfortunately this isn’t much to show, but the back end work undertaken has been huge.

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  1. Sachin Shankar Reply

    Hi Great work there. I know it’s been a while since tha last updat and I would like to know how progress is going. I also hope that later on that the 1967 stock train will get an exterior and interior with working doors and wheels. And I hope that the Jubilee line is still going well. Swiss Cottage station looks extremely accurate and I hope that the line will have animated PSDs and an updated 1996 stock which is 3D. Keep up the great work and do post another update soon. PS You might not know me but I am building a D stock train with interior and animations.

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