Central line

The Central Line is a deep-level tube line, using the London Underground 1992 tube stock. The line has three main depots, at Ruislip, Hainault and White City, with Ruislip in the north west of the LU network, White City in the centre and Hainault in the North East.
The Central London Railway was opened 1891, and ran between Shepherd’s Bush in the west and Bank in the east. The line has been extended several times since, and now has an entire length of 46 miles.


This version includes the following features:

  • Accurate gradients using London Underground gradient and curvature diagrams
  • Working railgaps
  • 95% photo-real texture rate
  • Accurate object dimensions, hand measured for extra detail to give the best perception of size and perspective
  • Custom made signals, unique to the Central Line
  • Auto announcements when arriving and at stations
  • Accurate station lengths and distances using highly detailed plans
  • Minimal loading times
  • Real Life “Chime up” and “Chime down” Coded manual sounds

There is also a Central line route available at BVE Western Region that runs from Ealing Broadway to Liverpool Street.