1967 Tube Stock

The 1967 Stock was a fleet of deep-level tube stock which operated on the Victoria line from new until their final withdrawal in 2011.

Each train consisted of two four-car units coupled together. Being ATO equipped, the train operator started the train by simultaneously pressing the two buttons in the cab. The trains were the first London Underground rolling stock to be built with wrap-around windows in the driving cabs and specifically for Automatic Train Operation.

1967 Tube Stock

1967 Tube Stock arriving at Walthamstow Central. Photo by Jaggers

This simulation is currently manually driven, however in future it is planned to implement ATO like was used in real life.

Whilst driving the train there are three manually triggered announcements used by pressing the number keys on your keyboard.

  1. Not used (emergency brake)
  2. “Stand clear of the closing doors”
  3. “Please keep your luggage with you at all times”
  4. “Please move right down inside the car”

3d-cab sidings-3

The current version is 2.1, released in May 2016. This train now uses the cross platform ATS plugin by Chris Lees with the previously mentioned manually triggered announcements, and a big fix to the TBC.

Future work planned for this train includes further work on the 3D cab and possibly an exterior view.